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Adjustment of Tile Clearance in Tile Decoration

In kitchen and toilet decoration, the spacing between tiles is the key to apply seam agent. Adjust the size of the gap in the middle of the tiles, make the tiles stick neatly and beautifully, and make the gap between the tiles uniform and even. Ceramic tile laying, we must pay attention to the seamless, now there are some so-called seamless ceramic tile, in fact, it is only a clever approach. Ceramic tile seam is not only to deal with the problem of irregular specifications, but also to reserve space for the thermal expansion and contraction of this shape.
If the tile is seamlessly treated during construction, where does it stretch when it expands? Obviously, one of the prerequisites for seamless ceramic tiles to be realized is that the thermal expansion and contraction rate of ceramic tiles is zero. We know that this possibility is zero. So what are the consequences of imposing seamless treatment? Ceramic tiles can't be pushed down by thermal expansion and cold contraction, because the adhesive force behind them can't be greater than the force driving the wall. Then the porcelain will be arched.
Ceramic tile positioning cross dosage: Normally, a brick with a cross, 5 mm of the cross can be taken down and reused after the brick is almost dry, generally three times, so as to save some costs; but 3 mm and 2 mm of the cross is not easy to take off, otherwise it is easy to take off the brick, only after the brick is thoroughly dried, it can be taken down, so it is generally difficult to reuse, but the use of green. When the porcelain sealant is applied to the crevice, it can't be seen.

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